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What is Trend Trading?forexcrazy

Trend Trading is one of the most effective and easy to use methods for making money in the Forex Market.

Trend trading success depends on identifying and catching the trend after it has started and getting out of the trend as soon as possible after the trend reverses.

Trend Trading involves taking a position in the markets with a view of holding that position for weeks to months for larger than normal gains.

Trend traders generally trade the long term trends and are not concerned with the day to day market volatility.

What are the Advantages of Trend Trading?

graphTrend Trading is the fastest and most risk free way to make money in the Forex Markets.

In Trend Trading you can identify a change of trend in the market as early as possible, take your position, ride the trend and close your position shortly after the trend reverses.

With Trend Trading it is very possible to catch 60 to 80% of many intermediate term and long term market movements and thus create wealth for yourself and your family.

Trend Trading will help you take large forex profits out of the Forex Market, without having to watch the market on a minute-by-minute or even a day-by-day basis.

Whether you are a short-term day trader or a long-term investor, we believe incorporating Trend Trading into your overall plan is a must.

There are two types of trades: "Income-producing" trades and "Wealth-building" trades. Swing trading and day trading produce income, while Trend Trading is designed to amass wealth.

Add this wealth-building component to your trading today with our "Speedwealthbiz Proprietary Trend Trader System™ & Strategy."

What are the Key Success Factors in Trend Trading?key

  1. NEVER attempt to predict where the market will go
  2. NEVER attempt to pick "tops" and "bottoms" of price actions
  3. ALWAYS respect the trend and align your trades accordingly
  4. LET the market dictates when the trend is finished, not your "intuition"
  5. REALIZE that you will necessarily sacrifice some pips at the beginning and end of a trend as you wait for confirmation
  6. LOOK at price actions from a long-term perspective and don't get shaken by short-term volatility
  7. UNDERSTAND that you will go through some potentially significant but temporary periods of drawdown as the trend matures
  8. UNDERSTAND that trends can take place on multiple time frames (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly) and sometimes with conflicting signals
  9. Patience! Patience! Patience!

Why establishing the right "Trend Trading Mentality" is essential for success in Forex Trading?

Successful and profitable trend trading is 99% mental.mentality

If you can conquer your mind and quell the inevitable inner dialogue that screams "Whoa! Looks like price is going against my position! The trend must be ending – SELL NOW!!!" during short term market fluctuations and reactions, and instead keep your eyes on the long term, you stand an excellent chance at being a successful, happy and stress-free trend trader.

However, if you cannot turn off these emotional feelings, then you are in for a very short, very bumpy ride as a Forex trader.

As our "Speedwealthbiz Proprietary Trend Trader System™" is created for successful and profitable trend trading, it can provide the savvy practitioner with a much deeper view of the trend and therefore, more secure entry and exit signals than any other trend trading system available.

Nevertheless, it must be combined with the right mindset in order to be used to its fullest potentials.

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